Friday, April 27, 2012


We all finally got to meet the new baby, Olivia.  It was so awesome to lick and sniff her but mom had to keep us from getting to close...we were just so excited!
Mom held her first and let me look at her from a distance

Then dad held her, but had to keep Sophia from licking her to pieces.  Sophia just loves baby's!

Theres Sophia again, hogging the baby!

Oh no, she has to go home now...and theres Sophia again!

Rudy had a big smile on his face, cause he got to say good bye.

What a great visit!

Monday, April 23, 2012


This is our awesome new bed our mom and dad got us!

I was trying it out until tucker decided he had to crowd me out.

Then Sophia and Rudy thought they should come and try to scare me out of the new bed!


I had to get out quick cause Rudy thought he should beat our new bed up.  Rudy thinks he should be boss of everything!

Finally Sebastian made Rudy go away and took a rest with his ball

Have a good nap Sebastian!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi everyone!  We have been soooo busy lately that mom hasn't been able to even get on the computer except for business things.  Us doggies had such an awesome sleep over for 5 days with the little people in our life's, so yah, mom was really busy!  I'm thinking things aren't going to get any better now that its going to be gardening season soon to so we will be helping mom dig ( hehehe).  We will try to post when we have a few spare minutes.

Ava and Alexa are here!

we are so happy to see you!

Alexa is so nice to us

Alexa was sharing her lollipop with me, then mom said "no"

And these are the boys..Peyton, charlie and Braeden, they stayed from Friday to Sunday.

Peyton loves to play with me

He also likes to play in the sand with us



We had such a busy weekend  and we were exhausted when the kiddies left...we slept all Sunday.  This weekend we get to have a sleep over with Aiden, YEAH!

Monday, April 9, 2012


We had double dog twin birthdays last week!  Sophia and sebastian turned 3 on the 5th of april and Dexter and Cooper turned 2 on the 7th.  They had ther cousin, tucker, the golden retreiver come over for a sleep over to celebrate!

Dexter and cooper waiting for tucker to come.


Dexter and Sebastian saying hi to tucker

Tucker and our dad

We had such a good time with tucker, he got to stay for 3 days, but boy am I tired from all that playing!