Monday, October 15, 2012


We had no rain all summer, I mean NO yeah, I guess we did need a bit.  Especially to keep the dust of the gravel and limestone in the dogs area  from looking like we were having a dust storm every time one of the dogs ran on it!  Two days worth of rain isn't our idea of fun though with 6 dogs.
Our dogs are spoiled...rotten!  The only time they would like to go outside without me is the early morning bathroom run...5am.  I have stood out in countless thunderstorms, pouring rain showers and winter blizzards...cause the dogs INSISTED I do that or they weren't going either.  How did we ever get to this point!  This is how I spent my weekend folks......
It seemed like every time I would manage to talk them into going out, it would rain a little harder and they would all run back to the door.  I, of course, was left standing there, by myself, trying to coax 6 dogs to "get down here and do your business"!  My red twins gave me this attitude.....
I believe they were telling me that they WERE NOT leaving that spot to go no where that it wasn't dog friendly and well,Sebastian, he pretty much stuck his nose up at me too!  Man, theirs nothing worst than being snubbed by a dog!
So  that's how I spent my weekend.  I thought many times...."a little help here hubby"
SURE, that's gonna happen!


  1. They certainly have "someone" trained....ha ha!

  2. You poor baby! Maybe you all need obedience training? I mean, maybe "they" all need obedience training. ;)

  3. LOL! Love to see how helpful dad is! Great blogging mom! *Whit

  4. Boy Dad sure looks like he was a lot of help! LOL! There's nothing worse than when your dogs won't go out in the rain to potty when you know they have to. I can't imagine six!!

  5. Yep, that's how Dads are alright. LOL.

    Having a pack of dogs can be very difficult to potty schedule. I also hate it when it rains and I can't take them out for a walk.

    Huggies and Cheese,