Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last week it was a great week for dog walking, unfortunately it is a tad colder but still walking weather if the 50 mile an hour winds would let up!    Our walking has been hampered a bit this week by a pulled muscle in my leg ( from jogging ) hopefully I will be better next week .  Until then, me and the doggies are playing in the yard this week.
Look at that big smile on coopers face!

Were ready!

Open the door

I'm sitting nice and ready to go!

Rudy and sophia, the walking pair

Saturday, March 24, 2012


We were so lucky to have a sleepover again with our two favorite girls( actually we have 4 favorite girls, but Sundai rose ad Olivia Lynn are to young to play with )  Our most favorite thing to do in the morning is give alot of kisses and try to share there breakfast( mom says "no" to that )
Good morning Ava!

Alexa says she loves me too!

Come on let me lick your face.

Could I have just a little taste? ( Good thing mom doesn't see me begging!)

Here's our new baby Olivia, we cant wait tell she has a sleepover too!

This is Sundai Rose, she is 2 months old already!

As you can see, we are pretty lucky to have alot of little faces and hands to lick, and a lot of little people to play with...anybody wanna play in the sandbox?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


While shopping the other day, we seen this neat dog toy.   It was filled with crinkly paper and made a crunching noise when you squished doggies love that kinda stuff!   Being the nice dog mom that I am, I brought one home for the "kids" and guess I should of figured it wasn't going to last long.

Who wants it?

whoa!  I guess that was a dumb question.

I wonder who's going to come out of the pile with it?
and the winner is.........


Thanks mom, I really love this new toy.
Sebastian..don't you rip up that toy!

What mom?  No Theres no hole in this toy already and I'm not trying to take the crinkly paper out, really In not.

Well anyway, so much for the toy  that only lasted about a mere 20 minutes.  I'm thinking we are going to stick to plastic soda bottles as toys!

Dexter's favorite play thing

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Sophia loves watching youtube videos on the computer with her daddy, especially of other animals.  She also loves watching her own videos she stars in on the emptynesters365 channel.

We are all getting ready for movie night!

Wow, how cool was that!

Daddy made me sit back further..he says sitting too close will ruin my eye sight and then Ill need glasses like him.

Did you see that cat Sebastian?

Get your head out of my way, I cant see!

Hey that's me on youtube!

We have a few hundred videos on youtube that me and my brothers star in, take a check if your interested!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Since it has felt like spring just about all winter, I figured why not do spring cleaning early.  The kids have all moved out and of course left quite a few belongings behind for mom to go threw and dispose of accordingly.  I found balls of all different shapes and sizes that belong to the doggies now and one of the greatest finds was a window seat. 

This is scary, I'm getting off!

Thanks mom for finding this for me.  I love it!

Aah!  This is nice.  I can rest and look out the window at the same time!

Get off now and let me try!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well folks, I think winter decided to show up all in one day!  We got slammed!  I believe we got all of winters snow we never got yet in one day.

This is from the day before, I was so excited that my daffodil's were coming they are sitting under a foot of snow

This was my pond the day before.  I could even see fish  swimming around down there.

This is my pond today, poor fishes
I guess one consolation in all this late winter weather is the doggies really loved it, they couldn't eat the snow fast enough!

Yum, our favorite winter snack!

Wow, this is alot of snow!

crunch, crunch, crunch
I guess I can see a small beauty in mother natures fury...If only for a moment!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Wow if it didn't say so on the calender, we wouldn't think it was still winter.  The sun was so shiny and warm and mom took us outside to play while she went to get some things from her greenhouse.  There was alot of neat things to play with out there and we had so much fun! A big snowstorm was suppose to bring 6-12 inches of snow and we got nothing. I guess we were meant to not have winter this year....but we are now expecting another storm with heavy wet snow which looks like we are going to be hard hit on the lake shore....but it will be warm next week(in the 50s) so the nice thing is we wont have to look at it for long!

I love  to play Frisbee

Throw it for me please...

fetching the Frisbee

We love sticks!

More sticks

More sticks!

Mr pot man waiting for spring in the greenhouse

When we were done playing we sat and waited for a treat

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We all love balls..doesnt every doggie?  The bigger the better.  Mom was doing some "spring" cleaning in the basement and found a new football for us.  We were so excited!

Oh boy, a new football!

Can you share?

Good throw, it landed all the way up here!

I wonder if I can rip the stuffing out of this!