Wednesday, March 14, 2012


While shopping the other day, we seen this neat dog toy.   It was filled with crinkly paper and made a crunching noise when you squished doggies love that kinda stuff!   Being the nice dog mom that I am, I brought one home for the "kids" and guess I should of figured it wasn't going to last long.

Who wants it?

whoa!  I guess that was a dumb question.

I wonder who's going to come out of the pile with it?
and the winner is.........


Thanks mom, I really love this new toy.
Sebastian..don't you rip up that toy!

What mom?  No Theres no hole in this toy already and I'm not trying to take the crinkly paper out, really In not.

Well anyway, so much for the toy  that only lasted about a mere 20 minutes.  I'm thinking we are going to stick to plastic soda bottles as toys!

Dexter's favorite play thing


  1. lol, the misfortunes of toys that self destruct - at least that is the opinion of our much loved Cavaliers.

  2. I completely agree. Soda Bottles are the best toys. They're cheap, noisy and dogs have such an addiction to them.

    Peanuts have 3 of them, in different sizes. LOL.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. Looks like a really fun toy, have fun

    Urban Hounds

  4. yep i know what you mean, stormy trashed another new toy just last night :( his best toys are milk bottles which he runs round the house with and peels the labels off and they end up stuck all over him and sticks which he chews to bits all over my house xxx

  5. Butt OOOOOOH those glorious few minutes. They are truly well worth it. I'm just sayin.

  6. Brrr!!! That was just like watching a thriller movie!! BOL!

  7. We had a really cool ducky toy that had crinkle sounds in it and a squeaker sound too. Tucker and Stewie loved it. Then Tucker chomped the beak open and the stuffing came out so to the trash it went....oh well...

    There a blast while they last!

  8. Yay for Soda bottles!! (Though that toy was cute!) - I love the challenge of getting the lid off, I can do it easily in less than a minute now, no matter how tight it is!! Woohoo!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Oh! Oh! You have Cavaliers too...I clicked on your thumbnail of two Rubies because, well, I am besotted by my own Bisou. She is my first Cavalier, fearless and daring and sweet. We're lucky, aren't we?

  10. we've seen those toys in the store and were confused by them, because desmond would not find them amusing at all. his one and only true love/hate is the squeaker. :-)

    we do the same thing, though--buy toys that we KNOW are going to be destroyed momentarily. it's not smart but it's fun!