Thursday, October 20, 2011


Who doesn't like a good Sunday football game!  My husband, doggies and I sit down to a roast chicken dinner and a great Green Bay Packers game every Sunday when there playing.  It has become a tradition of ours and if we have unexpected company they are welcomed in to join us.

 check out the great cavalier king charles spaniel slippers, goes great with the Green Bay Packer jersey!

We have great friends from Australia that we met on facebook and thought it would be fun to send football gear from our beloved team to them.  They loved the items and dressed up for us and sent us pictures.  It is awesome to know that some Green and Gold now resides in Drouin Australia!

We had a great supper bowl party with a few friends and of course our doggies.  I made jerseys for all six dogs and had doggie horderves for them.  They are our family and we wanted them to be a part of the glorious celebration and of course we won the supper bowl!

Our team is still going strong this year at a 6-0 record and we all look forward to another great super bowl party and the best thing that could happen would be our Australian packer fans show up!

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