Monday, October 3, 2011


Couldn't have asked for a nicer day to finish up the fall yard work.  The temps hovered in the mid 70s and it was another short sleeved shirt day.  I had set a makeshift fence up by the pond to keep the dogs out of that area, so they could be in the yard with me.  I weeded and cut down old dried out summer plants but kept a few black eyed susans still standing in the garden, just for a little color.

The dogs had a blast!  They usually aren't allowed to go into my "Good Yard" as we call it, for fear of trampled plants or them eating something they are not suppose to.  I made an exception since the plants were mostly done for the year anyway and the dog toxic plants were already cut down.  They sampled herbs from the herb garden, sniffed and pee'd on everything and grazed on grass like they were a herd of cattle in a pasture. They rolled on the ground in sheer delight.

I was one hour into cutting down old vegetation and everything was good with the dogs up until then.  One by one they decided they had had enough sniff in the flower yard and would like to try a sniff of the pond area. That area was restricted to them since I still had beautiful fall flowers blooming there and also rhubarb plants which are toxic to dogs. I shooed the first one out only to turn around and have to say over and over "come", "good come", "and stay out of there now"!  At least my so called helpers were obedient ones.

I decided to coax the dogs back to their yard with the bribe of a treat and lock the gates behind them.  They'd follow me anywhere for a carrot.  I decided to carry on with my yard work on my own, while the tired dogs lounged in the nice warm sun.  It was great to have them spend the time with me but tomorrow when I do it again I will make sure there are no holes in the fence!

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