Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Yesterday was actually a better day, weather wise then was predicted.  Another record set in Wisconsin for consecutive days of 70 degree temperatures in October.  The dogs and I spent a good portion of the day in the yard, finishing up what needed to be done before the extreme cold and rain set in.  The real weather we should be having right now.  As I raked leaves, more fell from the trees and filled in the spots of already raked lawn.  Sometimes I think to myself "why don't you just wait until they all fall off ", but I never do.

The garage is finally clean and ready for winter use.  I couldn't wait for mu husband to put away the few things I asked him to, so I did it myself.  My favorite saying is, time waits for no man. Its sometimes just best to try to do things yourself if you can and avoid the frustration, and I have tryed to instill this onto my 3 daughters.   Most men are procrastinators and always wonder why they are so far behind.  I never have to wonder that, so I just roll my eyes and walk away.

Our weather will get back to normal fall temps as of today.  The pond will be winterized in a few more weeks and the fish will be in hibernation for 6 months.  I always look forward to seeing them surface again in April.  Koi and goldfish are hearty enough to overwinter in a pond and every so often one might float to the top in the spring.

So as the cool misty air sets in I contemplate a nice warm bowl of comfort food for supper.  A bowl of potato leek soup and a grilled cheese sounds great, what could be more comforting then that!

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