Wednesday, October 5, 2011


   So the saying, do on to others, that you would have done to you, is such a lame saying. Most people now adays are takers and if there isn't anything in it for them,why give back.  Its a sad, sad world we live in!  My children were raised to lend a helping hand when they could and look out for there fellow man. Sure, every now and again your hand will be slapped but at least they could walk away feeling good about themselves.

Selfish, self centered people should have to spend there lives with there own kind only.  Those are the people who get no satisfaction out of what they do in there own lives, but get great satisfaction out of talking about others and feel jealous about any success they have.  Those are the people who have burned all there bridges in there own families and good friends lives, that they will start going to church.  They say they want to live a better life, but its only so they can make new friends who think they are decent people and don't know what they have done.

Who would think badly of "church goers".  The self centered selfish person would,  but there new church friends don't no there past, so they feel safe in there pretend world.  I do not attend church, too many hypocrites there.  I believe in karma, what goes around comes around.  I can read a person the first time I meet them.  I can tell if a person is truly nice, truly evil or just weird.

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone describes the selfish person who doesn't even like them selves much less other people.  There negativity starts to effect every aspect of there lives and the people around them.  They lie but feel good about it, and they try to convince everyone its true, and feel good about it and they destroy family relationships and feel good about it, but they are still human, so how good do they really feel?

Bit by bit it will eat a hole threw your soul, you will end up bitter and you will be alone, maybe not physically, but mentally.  So always be helpful, always be happy about others success, don't always think of yourself and always be HONEST!


  1. Yes a sad world indeed. For example, we live in the country and I would often like to help the stranded car on the side of the road, but in today's world it is much too dangerous!!