Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I became a stay at home mom (to my doggies, since the kids were all grown) and because of too many lay-offs at my job, my husband and I decided to start our own ebay business. Well through all the trials and tribulations, I can say after years of selling, we were successfull at it.

We have sold charm links, sterling silver, and pandora style beads.  We were profitable at each one, but as other people jumped on board to sell the same product, sales went down.  The market was just too flooded.

My husband and I sat down one day at one of our weekly business meeting and contemplated our fate on ebay.  We needed to come up with a product that was our own, no one could copy, and would keep us successful.  Thats how  Harley J. Sanders Lampwork Beads was born.  Rick, my husband, is an awesome bead artist now but he didn't start out that way.  Learning all the tricks to making a sellable bead takes alot of time and practice and he has mastered what a lot of people never will, including me!

Anyone can be sucessful at what you do if you have the ambition and put as much into it as you can. We are extremely busy now because of the holiday season but we are having a whole lot of fun creating our one of a kind masterpieces!  Visit our ebay site and give us some feedback.... http://stores.ebay.com/Dichroic-Dreams

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