Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 The morning is always the same, get up, let the dogs out, make coffee, let dogs in, feed dogs, get coffee and sit by computer.  The dogs go back to sleep and the day begins for me.  First things first, I post my you tube video to our emptynester channel on facebook and then talk to my friend carol from Australia.

Facebook isn't what it used to be lately with all the changes, which brought me to search other alternatives for social networking.  A few weeks back I signed up for a google plus account and have really enjoyed it.  I also signed up our business account, hjsanders lampwork beads, there too and have met many wonderful bead artists (and of course dog owners too). I toggle between the two networking sites and would leave facebook but have met many Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners who's company I enjoy.  That brings me back to my friend carol.

Carol and I begin talking on face book threw inbox messaging about 8 months ago.  At first it began as a few messages a week to a daily message.  We worried about each other if one didn't leave a message every day.  Its amazing how two people, worlds apart, who have never met each other except threw videos and pictures could be so close now.  We are like sisters, she is my best friend, and I hope to meet her in person one day.

Next thing on my computer list is EBay.  We are lampworkers who sell successfully on eBay and we are in the busy season.  It is awesome to see something that was made by our hands be so popular with so many people.  I package everything in the morning and send out in the morning mail.  I also check any messages left and do the auctions for the next day.  My husband makes beads alot these day, and it is amazing to watch him come up with the new designs that peak peoples interests.

The dogs are getting restless by then and need to go out for potty and exercise.  We are the happy owners of 5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and a Brittany spaniel who are high energy and need to run.  I switch gears at this time and take them out for a run in the yard and do outdoor chores for a few hours depending on the weather.  Its a refreshing change from my inside duties and great exercise for all of us.

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  1. Just wanted to say hi! I am a mommy to two Cavaliers. My tri, Spencer and Clancy, my black and tan. :-)