Sunday, October 2, 2011


When my daughter decided to invite the whole family to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her with a trip to the zoo, I thought it was a great idea.  I had wanted to get to the zoo this year but there just wasn't enough time on the weekends to schedule it in.  Our in home business and our you tube videos, along with raising 6 dogs took most of our time, but family does come first.

The plan was for everyone to meet at 2:00 pm in the lobby where we paid to get in and the whole family was on there way, checking out the exhibits.  We had all the grand kids there (7) and it seemed like there was always one or two missing and we spent most of the time there trying to keep track of wayward children.  The excitement was just too much for them not to run off and see what else they could find. I held hands with what ever child needed to be slowed down a little only to have to run to keep up.  Kid legs can go pretty fast, gramma legs cant!

The hit of the whole trip was going up on the platform to feed the giraffes.  All the kids gathered around, with anticipation, to feed the leaves to the giraffes that the zoo had supplied(for a cost). It was a picture worthy moment.  We moved on to a few more exhibits to look at and papa and I decided it was time for us to go and get back home to the kids (dogs) waiting there for there supper.  We said our goodbyes, gave kisses and hugs and lined up for a group picture ( we too are picture worthy ) The zoo birthday celebration was worth its weight in gold and a wonderful idea of the birthday girl.  It was Priceless.........

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