Friday, September 30, 2011


When I went to bed, I did expect to see a mess in the morning.  Winds were about 50 miles an hour and it sounded like the house was being ripped apart little by little, even our dog tucker looked at me a few times as to say I'm scared and left his pillow in the hallway to go lay next to the bed, he never sleeps there.  I could hear things thumping against the house which was either large branches from our big maple trees or neighbors lawn furniture.  Sleep was long coming!

Large and small branches littered the ground and the dogs were in heaven!  They didn't no what stick to eat first. and the fighting over who got what stick was my cue to take all sticks and dispose of them.  I  pulled sticks out of dogs mouths and threw them over the fence only to return to pull more sticks out of dogs mouths. Whats the significance of eating a stick, I guess Id have to be a dog :)

The handmade pond net had done its job also, it was covered with the leaves that had been violently ripped from the trees.  We checked for a regular pond net to cover our large pond which would of been hundreds of dollars and couldn't force myself to fork out that kind of cash for something that is only used a few weeks a year.  Of course it got my wheels turning and I thought,  " there has to be something cheaper", and "I'm sure there is something laying around here to use, there always is".   We had just purchased a roll of heavy duty window screen to re screen the patio door that one of the dogs had shredded and I looked at the leftovers and thought it would make a fine net for my pond.  It was narrow but could be cut to lengths I needed and sewed together with fishing line.  Brilliant thinking, I gave myself a pat on the back,  Ya gotta do that sometimes!

Guess Ill just stay in until the winds are gone and do the rest of the clean up tomorrow.  Maybe if I'm lucky the dogs will just eat all the sticks..........


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