Thursday, September 29, 2011

  I wonder how I ever got everything I needed to get done, done when I worked outside the home.  Don't let anyone tell you that working from home is not a job, cause I beg to differ! The only thing different is instead of 5 children it is 6 dogs that keep us running. They squabble, need to be feed and get into mischief just like children.  I went out to finish my yard work this morning and as I put things away my Blenheim cavalier Rudy kept digging in the flower pots I had put away. I didn't realize that it was him taking them out and moving them to the middle of the shed until after about the fifth time I found them there and thought I was losing my mind..I finally caught him doing it. Darn kids!

  The marketing and research has to be done for the other web sites we maintain, auctions have to done for our eBay site, supplies have to be ordered and items need to be packed and shipped.  Then theres the everyday tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, dusting and cleaning furniture which must be done daily when you have 6 dogs. laundry  (which isn't so bad anymore since the dogs don't wear cloth)and cooking.  There are days I look up and say where did the time go!

  so as I finish writing this I am being circled by six hungry dogs who no when its time to eat and remind me I'm running behind again.  I am woman....but this woman's tired! 


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