Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So the saying "waste not, want not" also applies to gardening. at least in my life.  It is now time to start cleaning up the garden and throw away all the beautiful plants that made my garden that special place from may thru september.  I have a hard time letting go especially when the plants still look so nice!  I take cuttings of what I can to save for next year.  This works well for coleus, rex begonia and my pink double impatience that was a show stopper in my garden this year.  I dig out my spikes from the flower pots and the ones I plant around my pond and store them in a bucket of water in the basement.  The geraniums are dug out of the pots, cut off and stored in paper bags in the basement.   Works great to keep them and all you have to do is soak them in water once a month for a few hours. I also collect seeds from what I cant take cuttings from and divide what needs to be divided.  Might seem like alot of work to some but to me its a way to not waste resources that are right in front of you and I normally want for nothing when it comes to my gardens, it all right there in front of me. I lovingly put all the excess plant material that just couldnt be saved in the compost box and get a good feeling knowing that it will become a nutrient rich black gold for my gardens next year.  So as I ponder on what my gardens will look like next year I take great pride in knowing I didnt waste much!

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