Thursday, May 31, 2012


As everyone knows, we are bubble fanatics!  Mom usually does them at night for us to help us get out some energy before bed.  Well we were lucky enough to have Aiden for a sleepover, and well, he is an awesome bubble blower too!

Our awesome bubble blower

Aiden was having so much fun too.

Were waiting!

I (Rudy) especially love bubbles!

That was so fun...hope all the rest of you doggies have alot of little people to play with too!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I was the luckiest dog ever!  My mom asked me to"Keep an Eye" on Olivia while she got her a bottle.  I thought I might as well give her a bath while I was watching her too.

I washed her hands first

Then her arms and legs

Oh, I better get that spot on her face too...actually I was giving her a little kiss

....And I think she liked it! 

Hope your day was as good as mine!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Thunderstorms scare us!  With that said we can say we had a very restless night and mom had to keep telling Dexter to hush every time it thundered...he commenced to bark after every boom!

It was another sleepover nite with our favs, Ava and Alexa, and how they managed to sleep threw the night we will never no.  It stormed all night and into the day so it was nice to have Alexa comfort us when mom and dad were busy.

No Tucker, you can't have my spot!

I don't like this!

My dad always makes me feel better.

Wow, it looks like night time and its really noon.  Ava is checking out the storm but she isn't scared like us.

Alexa made Rudy feel so much better

Alexa hugged Sophia too

Alexa makes me feel so much better.
We feel so much better now.  Alexa said we could watch Dora the explorer with her, she is our best friend!