Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well, its official, the weather man has said it many times this past week, THERE WILL BE NO SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS!  To tell you the truth I don't even care.  Yes everyone says it makes it look more like Christmas with that white stuff on the ground but me and the doggies have been enjoying this mild weather.  I can still do dog walks and go out in the afternoon and throw tennis balls, actually , I'm loving it!
                    This is our awesome Christmas tree this year, so fitting.
So I'm sure you all heard...the Green Bay Packers are now 13-1.  Apparently a few of the guys forgot to show up to play on Sunday...oopsy!  All kidding aside, its all good, they are still the best team in the NFL.

Christmas is right around the corner and we all get together for a Christmas eve celebration.  All the presents are finally wrapped, even the dog presents.  I always hope I got what everybody wants and I worry, but guess what, as I get older I don't care as much anymore what people think and everybody has everything already before Christmas.  I do give alot of gift cards!

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and make the changes necessary to live a long healthy life, I no I will be.

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