Monday, November 21, 2011


I cant even believe that thanksgiving is here already! The summer beauty has faded and the drabness of falls end has set in.  All the beautiful flowers are cut down except for a few stragglers who insist upon growing until old man winter nip that in the bud.Nothing much you can do to change the seasons I guess, you just go with the flow.
I do love thanksgiving, especially the food!  The smells that permeate the house and your senses are unbelievable.  The dogs walk around almost drooling, waiting for a possible morsel that might hit the floor. The dogs no that there will be a bit of turkey and sweet potato for them at supper mixed with there kibble.
I own an eBay business so I am extremely busy with doing my lampwork beads to get them ready for auction for the two busiest days of Internet sales..Friday and Monday. Our new beads will post daily until Christmas, check them out at http://​​Dichroic-Dreams    

We hope everyone has an awesome thanksgiving and enjoy time spent with family ( and fur babies ) Hopefully we will not get snow to soon and we can still have a little cool, but not cold fall weather left to enjoy until we have to hibernate for the winter!

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