Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Life is a whirlwind of busy for my husband and I right now!  With the holidays approaching there is alot to accomplish to prepare, but dividing our time is becoming difficult.  We have a lampwork bead ebay business that is extremely successful so anytime taken away from doing handmade beads,puts us behind.  We also have kids and grandkids and birthdays are plentiful in fall and winter.  That usually means lots of birthday party's.  We also have 6 dogs.  They need feeding, walking and attention to become tired enough to relax so I can work on business things.  Shopping for thanksgiving and getting a start on Christmas presents is always a challenge even though I tell myself I will do it early next year, never do!

Thing normally do work out in the end, but it seems like theres no end in site.  So once again this year I will put myself threw this, take a deep breathe or two and GET ON WITH IT! 

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  1. Good to have found you at long last :-) XXXXXXXX
    lots of luvs Freya Rose Blossom X