Friday, February 17, 2012


Every night at 4 o'clock  the doggies line up at the window to wait for there daddy and they do not leave the window until he shows up.

Do you see him!

Nope, no dad yet

But today they decided to leave the window and have a tug of war with poor teddy while I was cooking supper.

When I came back to see what was going on poor teddy wasn't feeling so well...and dad was home!

It wasn't me.

We live for this moment, (don't tell dad about teddy)


  1. It amazes me how they know when there Dad is coming home. With Fred and Gloria all I have to say is "Dad's home" and they run and sit at the door. I think it is so cute! Poor Teddy! LOL!

  2. It is amazing how they can tell time!! Too funny!

  3. Hey, that's what I do too! Everyday I look out the window just when Mike is suppose to come home....we are amazing, aren't we?

  4. The photo's are so wonderful, especially 'waiting' priceless.

  5. The photo's are wonderful and the 'waiting' photo is priceless.

    A delight to see.

  6. Yay for snuggles! I likes to hug my Dad, too. :)

  7. My pit bull motley is always patiently waiting for me at the window at the top of the stairs...the second i walk in you can see him falling down the stairs

  8. Our dogs do the same thing when their dad gets home

  9. I love the photo's and can visualise my Kirra waiting for me to return home.

    She always waits in the hallway, and upon my return, I receive the affection of a long lost friend.

    Your delightful blog portrays everything that is good about our Cavaliers.